Why Spartan Panda?

Submitted by gary haddon on Tue, 06/20/2017 - 09:45
Why Spartan Panda

Why a Panda?

Pandas have always been an interesting animal, they are cute, playful and quite possibly the greatest animal on earth. Just type cute panda video into YouTube or Google and your day will instantly get better. Pandas are a vulnerable animal and were on the endangered list of animals. Hopefully we can help raise awareness to keep this magnificent animal in existence. Read more here.

Ok so we get the Panda thing, why Spartan Panda?

I could give you some spiel about Spartans being traditional warriors, who had very few comforts and luxuries, the core building blocks of any great website; plain, simple and functional. The panda represents the fun element which helps attract users' attention and keep them interested.

Really it was the product of playing with different words and names until we got something that wasn't trademarked or already in use. We then fell in love with the name and it stuck. Plus the logo designed by Juan Chaparro really brings the whole thing to life.